Put your mouth right here honey and start licking

Put your mouth right here honey, and start licking & sucking. I'll hold your head in place so you can't move, as I tell you all about the date I had tonight with another man. Can you taste the special treat he left inside of me? Don't stop licking now!

I have to tell you how romantic he is, how he swept me off my feet and made me feel desirable again. He made my heart pound and I could feel myself getting wet already. As good as he was at seducing me, he was even better in bed! He made me cum five times, which is five more than you were ever able to do! You're pathetic, but he was a real man!

In his strong arms, I felt so safe, so loved! You haven't made me feel that way in years. So of course I gave myself to him again and again! I think I love him now! I'm going to ask him to move in with us..

She gave herself to him again and again