Putting all her weight on you and knowing how much pain it must be causing

Hi babe what do you think about the new shoes? I got them today as a early birthday present to myself. I didn't get them for normal use I thought they would be great for your next session in the crush box.

They have pointy heels to push into your testicles; I love the little bruises that leave on them. Then the front is perfect for fitting both balls underneath for full weight crushing.

You know how much I enjoy full weight crushing. I love hearing you scream as I slowly put all my weight on you and knowing how much pain it must be causing you. That's why I save it for the end of the punishment.

As tonight is a special occasions I think a good present would be to let me completely destroy one of your testicles. After the full weight crush I could inspect them and pick the one I wish to take. I could then re work the crush box so only that one testicle is on the board, and then I have my fun.

I'll stomp it for a while then slowly put my full weight on it so it splits open. After that I'll force my heel through it a few times then grind it flat. One thing I am looking forward to is seeing the look of pain on your face as I do all this to you. What do you think?

Gut to warm up I was thinking on a round of kicks. We'll start with 50 then see how I feel after that. So take your clothes off.

Don't look so sad you'll still have one ball left.

Pointy heels to push into your testicles