Reason to extend your chastity sentence

So, are you seriously telling, that it was me, who brought this bra and put it down on the floor?

How do you dare!

Why would I do something like that? Just to have a reason to extend your chastity sentence now, that your are reaching the end of it? Do you think I would be so mean?

Well, better don't touch that point now. I don't want you to say anything about you could regret later

What I suspect, is that this bra dropped from your laundry basket when you emptied the washing machine, a while ago.

Do you have any better explanation?

Consider the consequences of calling me a liar before your answer, please.

So you agree you dropped it, then?

You see, just as I had supposed

Tsk, Tsk.

Honey, you have to take more care while doing your housechores.

You let me no more option, that to extend your chastity punishment for a week.

Sorry darling, but sometimes you only seem to learn in the hard way

Extend your chastity punishment for a week