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I had a huge crush on this girl. I'd never had a girlfriend whereas she had a reputation for being a slut but I didn't believe it, or chose to ignore it.

When I finally worked up the courage to ask her out she said I wasn't her usual type but I was a nice guy so she'd give me a try. Our first date was really sweet and ended with a goodnight kiss on her front door step.

Our second date was a party. After a few drinks we ended up in a bedroom with two black guys. I didn't really know them as they were a few years older than us but I remembered them from school. My girl, on the other hand, seemed to know them really well. Soon one of them started kissing her.

I objected but she just said Relax. It's a party. We're here to have fun. She kissed me and we swapped tongue for a while. Then I noticed that the guy sitting on the other side of her had his hand in her top. Again I tried to object and this time she stopped me by rubbing my cock through my trousers. Oooh.

All hard and throbbing, she said. I'm going to keep you excited all night. I just moaned and kissed her deeply. She did indeed keep me excited and she managed to keep moving things along. She kissed both guys and stopped my objections, her tits came out and she stopped my objections, the guys pawed at her and she stopped me complaining, she took their big dicks out and stopped me in my tracks, she let them pull her panties down and she shut my mouth with a sexy smile and a rub of my crotch.

Somehow, an hour after going to that room she had me standing beside the bed rubbing my stiffy through my trousers as she and the two black guys rolled around on the bed naked (except that she still had her skirt on) and I'd given up even trying to object.

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To see me revel in it that way you'll understand me better and accept me for what I am. So that night she had kept me excited enough to go along with anything because she really did like me and wanted to be my girlfriend.

She also showed me what a cuckold is and six years, including five and a half years of marriage, and two brown babies later she is still showing me what a cuckold is and we've been completely in love with each other since that first incredible night.

She said do you know what a cuckold is?