Seeing his wife and imagining her with the two big men resting next door

"Hey sweetie, what's up?" Donnie whispered when he spotted Anne on the hotel balcony.

"Just getting some air... The guys are resting. They were very energetic!" His wife giggled, looking back through the sliding glass door. And they're so big! Holy crap Don! I'll be walking funny for a week!"

"Energetic, huh? Shit I heard you guys over here!" They giggled. "You having fun babe? Is it everything you wanted?"

She smiled & nodded. "Oh yeah, thank you so much! And I'm already thinking up special ways to thank you when we get back..."

Don stared at his beautiful wife, his cock hard from seeing her & imagining her with the 2 big men resting next door. They shared a few minutes in silence until they both heard the guys call her from in the room.

He spotted his wife nude on the hotel balcony