She called it cuckolding her husband

She leans over, her moist lips resting on the tip of my cock. I feel her tongue begin to playfully lick me as her mouth moves slowly, almost like she is whispering to my cock, letting it know how much she is enjoying this and how much pleasure she is going to give it.

Her dress falls forward and I look longingly at her soft, white beasts,, almost poring out, waiting to be felt and kneaded. I know she had removed her panties, as they are in my hands as she gave them to me as a souvenir! Even if she stopped now, I would consider myself the luckiest guy on the planet, as my best friend's wife has chosen to allow me to pleasure her body.

Seems my buddy is lacking in the manhood department, and she has chosen to, what she called it... "cuckold" him. All she asked is that I just hold still and let her enjoy herself! So I stay still as she slowly moves her lips over my cock head, nibbling it slowly, and her saliva running down and coating it. I am totally aroused and I am entirely hers...

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  • I watch as he holds her down with one hand and rips off her panties with the other
Her moist lips resting on the tip of my cock