She confessed about her dream of being tied up

The room stopped moving, and the air hung with a heavy silence as Prof. Stafford and the teen stared at each other. The hot little sophomore had teased and hinted for 3 weeks before he'd invited her for a drink. An invite she'd eagerly accepted, and as it always seemed to- the drinks had lead to sex. They'd met another 3 or 4 times before tonight. But tonight was different.

Lying together the other night he'd asked about fantasies, and with a giggle, she'd confessed her dream of being tied up.

So he'd indulged his playful young lover. But even before they'd really gotten going she'd had a massive climax. He'd playfully bound her and had been groping her and teasing her about being at his mercy and she'd cum - cum big! And it clearly shocked her how strongly she'd reacted.

Sensing submission was bigger deal for her than she knew; he'd stepped forward, and tied her more securely before tearing off her clothes and literally ravaging her. She had wild, screaming, body-wrenching orgasms like he'd never seen as he tossed her about and plundered her secrets.

After stumbling to the bathroom on shaky legs she'd cuddled up to him in bed and they talked in whispers about the night. She confessed that she'd never been so turned on, never knew she could get that excited, or cum that hard or often. She made him promise to tie her up again tomorrow and teach her more...

He bound her and had been groping and teasing her