She "convinced" him to become her cuckold

She shuddered, involuntarily, as her husband's tongue probed deep into her anus, bringing her a momentary wave of delight. She acted cool, though, not wanting him to know just how good he was making her feel!

Ever since she "convinced" him to become her cuckold, he had become so attentive, so caring, almost as If he was trying to make up for the fact that she was getting sex (and pretty good sex, at that) from another man! She discovered early on that if she cut him off from her body, that he started to get more attentive!

She also acted towards her hubby as if she didn't care about him, which drove him crazy, to which he did outrageous things to try to get her attention! Like tonight, as she got ready for her date, he begged to touch her in someway!

Trying to get him to settle down, she told him to lick her ass! He got down on his knees and actually started to do it! And with each lap on her brown flower, she opened up as he probed deeper and deeper into her. He sucked steadily, bringing her new naughty, yet delicious feelings!

She could feel herself starting to get moist, but she couldn't let her hubby know just how much he was turning her on! A sudden quick lick had her shudder again, almost making her mess up her lipstick, but she vowed to remain cool and collected as his ticking continued to get more intense...

Her husband's tongue probed deep into her anu