She did not mean to rupture one of your testicles: it was an accident

O my god I am so sorry. I am so very sorry. I did not mean to rupture one of your testicles it was an accident.

It has completely lost its shape, I have totally ruined it. I just got carried away and kept on kicking you. I must have ruptured it a few kicks ago then the final few have completely destroyed it. No wonder you were screaming so loud, now I know why. I was ordered to tie you to the punishment frame and give you a light session of kicking. You haven't even done anything wrong I am in training and this was supposed to be a practice for me. I just went a bit crazy and now I have destroyed one of your balls. I am going to be in so much trouble for this. We are supposed to keep men's balls intact unless it is a serious offence.

I have an idea, you are an accountant and your computer is logged in. I could transfer some money to your bank account then say I caught you stealing. Then I tell my boss that we agreed I would rupture one of your testicles as punishment. Look if you agree to help me I will stop kicking now and if you don't I'll take your last ball. I am getting in trouble I might as well castrate you.

Ok so here is the plan I'll untie you and we can go and see the nurse to get your ball removed. Then you tell you boss you were caught stealing and it was me that caught you. Then you say you requested I kick your balls until I rupture one as punishment. I will confirm you were stealing and then say I thought a rupture was fair. Then we both agreed I would carry out the sentence. So then we report that your testicle was deliberately destroyed and they will agree that under the circumstances it was the right thing to do.

I am sorry that I ruptured your ball but now we have an agreement ok? Before I release you I better transfer that money incase they check.

She got carried away and kept on kicking balls