She forces me to wear blue balls by keeping me in chastity

Oh Oh. I don't like what I see.

My wife and I were going to meet in the restaurant for dinner. It was our farewell party; she has been promoted in her company and she was leaving for a training trip for her new job. When I arrived to the restaurant I saw her accompanied by her evil sister and wearing her blue shoes. When she wears blue shoes she forces me to wear blue balls by keeping me in chastity. Is the odd way she uses to punish me?

"Hello dear. I know we were supposed to date alone, but preparing my luggage this morning I saw the atrocious work you have been doing with the iron lately. I have had to iron by my self all my business attires before putting them in the case. That made me a bit angry, so I have decided to teach you a lesson while I am away. I have asked my sister for help, and she kindly accepted.

Obviously you need to improve your house chores skills, so while I am out you will be doing all, ours and her houses s chores. She will supervise you and I have allowed her to take any disciplinary action over you, she thinks is on due.

You both have stayed together a few times before, so you perfectly know she is much more strict than me. Because of that, I advice you to work hard." Then my sister in law spoke: "Before dinner, please come with me to the toilet my bother in law. Your wife has lent me your chastity belt and there is not time to waste, it s right here in my purse.

Do you still remember that I always like to attach the spikes on the device?

Your wife has lent me your chastity belt