She had you castrated last night as you slept

Wake up honey! Did you sleep well? I'm sure you did with those drugs I used to spike your drink! Now listen. There is something important I need to tell you. From now on, our relationship is going to be a little different. I'm going to have an "open relationship" with you.

Open, as in my legs will be wide open all the time, for other men, but not for you. That's right dear. I'm going to be having sex with other men from now on. And you won't even be able to try and have sex with me. You'll find that you can't even get it up anymore. Why? Look at the jar on the table. Do you know what those are? They're your balls. I had you castrated last night as you slept.

In just a few days as the last of the male hormones drain from your system, you'll lose your ability to "get it up", forever. You are castrated now, which means you're no longer a real man. For cheating on me with that woman, you will pay the price for the rest of your life. You can go see her now if you want, but I'm sure that without any balls, she won't want you anymore. No dear, I'm the only woman who would ever have you as a husband. You will stay with me.

But I need sex, so I'll be dating lots of other men from now on. Let me now if you need something for the pain. They tell me it will hurt for a few days, with your balls being freshly clipped off like that. Sleep well dear! I'm off on my first date with one of your friends.

You are castrated now