She is back home from a date so you could see if you are a cuckold

Ok, hubby, you little fucktard! You've been waiting all night for me to come back home from my date so you could see if you are a cuckold! You're such a weird ass to wont your wife to fuck another man! You're lucky I just didn't leave you and go find a better man for sex!

Face it, hubby! You're little thingie isn't very impressive! Is that why you insisted I do this? Are you even sure that I did? Maybe I just went to a movie or out to eat for these past few hours! Maybe I figured that I'd let you THINK you were a cuckold, just to make you happy!

Or maybe I went and found a strange man at a bar, felt his huge hard cock through his pants, took him out back, pulled him down to be sure as I took his huge throbbing shaft and sucked it until it was swollen and engorged, then told him to take me, push his cock deep inside me where you could never reach, and let him fuck me, pump in and out of me until I came dozens of times, but before I was through with him, I told him to shoot me full of his cum, empty his balls of his baby batter, and fill me with his love juice.

Maybe I'm full of his cum right now. There's only one way you'll ever know for sure if you're a cuckold or not. You'll have to do the one thing you have never done to me, the one thing you hate most of all... Get on your knees, asshole! Kiss my pussy, lick out my snatch. Then, you'll know the truth...

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One way you'll ever know for sure if you're a cuckold or not