She knows it is painful to be kicked in the balls but those are the new rules

It's about the late library book. To discourage late returns we have developed a new policy. It involved ballbusting which is why I thought you would like to settle this out here. I don't want to embarrass you but I need you to let me kick you in the testicles.

Is that going to be ok?

That's good. Look I know it is painful to be kicked in the balls but those are the rules. No one will see you and you are free to go once you have taken the kicks, ok? Good.

The new policy say that states that if a man takes a book and it is not returned on time he must take 20 kicks to the balls plus 5 kicks for each additional day. Your book was 15 days late so that is 95 kicks altogether. To be honest that is a lot of kicks and thee is going to be plenty of damage. Plus the pain of all those kicks. It was only a late book so I don't want to rupture a ball or anything. The problem is the policy reacquires me to kick with full force and try to cause as much damage as possible with each kick.

I don't want to risk getting in trouble so have to kick you hard no mater what. I hope you understand?

That's great I am glad you understand. If you like I have a gag so other people don't hear you scream when the pain gets bad. It is ok to be scared I am really going to hurt you but I hope you are intact at the end. You should take off your pants and we should get on with it.

I can give you time to get your breath between kicks I don't mind doing that. As long as you take them all and with full force my boss will be happy.

You should put the gag in now. You will need it.

She needs you to let her kick you in the testicles