She loves wearing this shirt after letting another man fuck her

After I've let another man fuck me, I just love to wear his shirt! That way, I can smell his aroma, and feel like I'm still there on our bed, laying on my back, with him inside of me.

How does it feel to know that another man had his hands all over my boobs, while his cock slide deep inside of me? Does it make you feel like less of a man to know that his cum is still inside of me? You may be my husband, but you're not a real man anymore, are you?

Your dick is so limp and soft! My body doesn't even turn you on anymore, does it? It makes me wonder if you actually like men. Other men get hard when they see me, but not you! That's why I'm letting other men fuck me now. Real men. You should go put on a housedress, as a reminder to you that you are no longer the man of the house. He is now!

Other men get hard when they see me, but not you