She makes me wait for her lovers like a maid

When my wife caught me dressing up in her clothes, it was the worst feeling ever, or so I thought. But I came to discover that it felt even worse to have her dress me up, then make me stay in skirts and heels, as she brought a man over to our house.

She makes me wait on them like a maid, while they flirt with her, touch her, kiss her, then take her off to the bedroom. Sometimes she lets them make love to her, which is bad enough to bear! But sometimes she just jerks them off, making sure their cum gets all over her panties. Then I get called in, and she orders me to pull the panties on.

I pull them up and feel the warm sticky mess get all over me. I feel it start to ooze down my leg, and I blush in shame. "Now you know what it feels like after a man fucks you" she says. "You feel his cum drip out of your pussy, onto your panties, and down your leg. Smile dear! You're getting to experience what every woman wants, the afterglow of having sex with your lover! We'll just take this one step at a time.

Soon, you'll be dating your man, and I'll date mine. We can go out together, then come back here with our men so we can please them in bed. You're going to be a real woman by the time I'm done with you..."

Hubby is get called to lick the cum