She needs big heavy heels to inflict maximum damage to victim's testicles

I am very grateful for your help. It's not often the store manager especially a male one would be so helpful when choosing shoes. I see you do pride yourself on good customer service.

As you are being so helpful and you are male maybe you could help me test the shoes?

The thing is I am buying these shoes for ballbusting. I need big heavy heels to inflict maximum damage to victim's testicles.

Wow normally a man would have run away you really do care about your customers.

The problem I have is I often give long sessions of kicking, usually at least 100 kicks to the balls and full force as well. That's right I believe that for even a small issue a man should suffer lasting pain and damage. My last shoes started rubbing my feet and hurt after only 60-70 kicks!

I need a shoe that can deliver so I would like to ask you a favor? Could I try them out on you before I buy them?

Really! Thank you so much that's great! Do you mind if I kick your naked testicles full force as well?

O thanks. When I came in you were closing and I see your assistant has locked the front door so do you mind if I give you say 100 kicks? It's the only way I can test the shoes.

That's great thanks for your help. Take off your pants.

Good, Good. Those are a nice pair of testicles. Kicking them is going to be fun.

Put your hands behind your back and get ready!

She is buying these shoes for ballbusting