She no longer had a husband; she had a cuckold!

It had taken longer than she expected, but the outcome was never in doubt. She worked in a high paying job, she tubbed elbows with powerful men, and she knew she was going places. He, on the other hand, just worked meager jobs, didn't have many friends, and generally just staved home.

She encouraged that, asking him to do more around the house while she went off networking and partying. In bed, although he was adequate, she discovered he liked to be teased, so she introduced denial and cuckolding themes to him. Oh, how he got excited when she talked that way! She taught him how to go down on her, how to rim her.

How to set her off, yet not expect anything in return. Then, one month ago, she slept with someone from work. She came home that morning, his cum swimming around inside her. She was a bit worried that maybe she had gone too far, that this might cause him to leave. Despite his obvious weakness and need to be controlled, she was fond of him. But when she opened the door, he was there, waiting for her!

She took him upstairs and they went to bed. Nervously, she asked him to lick her out. He compiled, but when he got there, he paused for a moment. She thought she had finally gone too far, but he started to ravish her with his tongue! He knew what she had done, yet he was enjoying it! She came so hard, yet he wouldn't let her go, continuing to consume her, causing wave after wave or orgasms to crash through her already spent body!

Several hours later, when It was apparent she could come no more, he let her go. As she slowly drifted off to sleep, he just left the room. When she woke up later that day, a hot meal was at her bedside, with flowers and a note saying that he loved her, signed your cuckold. She no longer had a husband; she had a cuckold! So on their tenth anniversary together, she took the last step. She threw away his clothes, except for one set for when he went out shopping. She had him collared and put a chain on him.

She told him that this was their new anniversary of woman and cuckold, and that he was to always be naked around her or he would be punished. She noticed his cock starting to rise as he thought about that! She looked hard at the man she once called husband, and was surprised! She had planned for this moment every since they got married, when she would finally have ultimate control over him, and she knew he would eventually be under her control, but then she realized their were things about him that she still didn't know I He wanted to be punished?

She smirked slightly as she could feel herself getting aroused! Yes, this would have to be explored. She had power at work, and now she had even more power at home, and she liked it! But for know, to show how grateful she was for his utter compliance, she would take him to her bed and slowly give him a hand job, maybe for a few hours, as a reward. But no coming. No, he would not be doing that ever again...

She took him upstairs and they went to bed