She offered herself to him, and soon they will be having sex

Are you sure this is what you want? If I go to the next apartment like this, he is going to want me. I'll offer myself to him, and soon we'll be having sex. You might even be able to hear us through the wall.

Our neighbor will know that I cheat on you, and he'll start asking me to come over all the time so he can have more sex. Everybody else will see me going over there, often with no pants (or panties) on. They'll all know too. More and more men will start asking me over. And I'm going to say "yes" to any of them that I think are cute.

So be sure before you send me next door. If I do this, your wife will be having sex with lots of other men. I might not even feel like doing it with you anymore. So are you sure? Yes? Very sure? Well, okay then. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Your wife will be having sex with lots of other men