She plans to kick your testicles many times as punishment

Well I thought that meeting went well. We defiantly made the sale and you were a good sales assistant. I am pleased with you but I noticed the price you used for labor in the quote was the old one. It changed last week but it meant I had to write over it in pen.

It did not affect the sale but it was a mistake and so I must insist you are punished for it. You remember when we went over the ballbusting part of your contract? This is why we have that so I can punish you when needed. I also want you to learn from the pain you will feel and it will help you to never do this again.

As this was your first meeting I thought you would make an error which is why we parked around the back of the building. On the way out I explained to the receptionist that I plan to kick your testicles many times as punishment. She said there is no one around here after four o'clock so we are alone. If you could remove your pants and stand with your legs apart then we can discuss the required severity of your punishment.

Good now you will put your hands behind your back and remain like this while I carry out the punishment. All kicks will be full force so how many do you think is fair?

50 kicks you say? I don't think that is enough do you.

80 kicks? That's more like it. I think that is a fair number. That should put you in a lot of pain and there will be a good amount of damage as well. I will take a picture of your testicle before and after the punishment for our records.

That is to show I am training you properly. Normally I would give you these kicks in platform heels and 80 of those would be very destructive. You would be screaming in pain and your testicles will bleed inside. But as this is your first I will kick you in bare feet to show you mercy. Make no mistake even with bare feet I will really hurt you.

We have waited enough Get ready for the pain. I don't want to see you filching or trying to protect your balls in any way. So 80 bare foot kicks it is then unless you want to impress me and request I keep the heels on?

Put your hands behind your back and remain like this