She prefers to knee the testicles while naked it means she can feel your balls

Ouch that looks like it hurts. All those knees strait to the balls all full force and all on target. I see you have a few tears in your eyes; I like to see the signs of pain in a victim while I hurt them. You took the knees well and you tried to hold back to shouts of pain but a few got out. Its ok I am being very hard on you and it's only natural for you to react this way.

I love to knee the testicles while naked it means I can feel your balls. I can feel them slowly swell up and get bigger. I can also feel them getting softer as I break them. It is a more intimate torture and I can enjoy the effect the impacts are having on you without needing to stop.

I don't need to tell you that we are no were near finished do I? Like I said I want to break your testicles and you are going to stand there and let me. Look down you see the shoes I have on don't you. Now I am going to kick you with them, you look sacred and you should be.

These platform heels are big heavy making them the ideal tool for breaking a pair of testicles. Stay still while I move my foot to your balls. That's it you feel the shoe touching your balls. Just imagine what a kick will be like; just think what will happen when they strike your testicles full force. These shoes are hard and very unforgiving and capable of inflicting massive damage.

They are so destructive I only use them on a man when I plan to rupture his testicles. You are a good slave but I would like to rupture and destroy both of your testicles. I just love the frill of ruining a man. I like to take it slow and really hurt him, making his suffer for hours. It is just a matter of time before your testicles fail and split open and I will enjoy every moment of your destruction.

That's cute It looks like you are about to cry and you haven't had a single kick yet. I don't mind if you cry all you need to do is remain standing with your legs apart. I am not going to kick you a specific number of times. I am going to kick you in the balls and stop when you no longer have any and there is nothing left to kick.

It's brave of you to stand before me waiting for the kicks to start. This is going to take hours and you will beg me for mercy long before the first rupture.


High heels are ideal tool for breaking a pair of testicles