She says she will take chastity cage off me one day soon

Kneeling down naked before my new wife, I touch her smooth legs, as she pulls up her skirt to show me that she isn't wearing any panties. I should have a huge erection right now, but the chastity device she has locked onto me prevents me from getting hard.

If my penis tries to get bigger, it presses against the little spikes on the plastic cage, causing more pain than I can describe. By now it has "learned" to stay soft. She says she will take it off me one day soon, buy only after I learn true obedience.

I take off her shoes at her order, then lead her by the hand to the bed, where another man awaits her. It is a good friend of mine, one of my groomsmen. She found him attractive, so I had to invite him here. I kneel down beside the bed and say "My wife wants for you to fuck her. I will be quiet and watch as you give her the pleasure she deserves. I give you my full permission to do anything you want with her.

I only request that you don't wear a condom. She prefers to feel her lover's cum on her and inside her. She is yours. Take her. Fuck her. You have my permission." With that I sit silently and watch as my friend does to my new wife all of the things I've been dreaming of.

I love her so much! I only hope that one day she'll let me have sex with her! I would do anything for her! So I stay quiet and watch, ready to lick the cum out of her pussy when he's done with her, just as she likes me to do..

Kneeling down naked before my new wife