She siad that when she talked to her mother about me and her and sex

This night started off similar to the one previous. Her mother told her to go and get some dinner. I would be staying over for it.

When my girlfriend left (and she was not happy about that at all), her mother said I should play some games on the playstation while she slipped into more comfortable clothes and wait for her daughter to return.

A few minuted later, her mother asked to 'play with me' while we waited for the food. I soon was crouched over in pain as her mother's huge tits wobbled as she played the games a few inches away from me.

As tears formed in my eyes, she began to tell me how nice it was that I was dating her daughter. She looked longingly at my crotch as she said, "I can trust you. You seemed to have your raging hormones LOCKED UP TIGHT!"

I couldn't stand it anymore. I blurted out, "You wouldn't still have that key you took from me yesterday, would you? It is the key to my... uh... bike lock."

"Oh, sorry Sweety. I think I left that at work. I'll give it back after the weekend." she said with the broadest smile. That weekend was sheer hell!

Since her mother said she trusted me soooo much, I was allowed to stay the weekend with them. My girlfriend was pleased to say the least.

Every chance she got, my girlfriend was all over me. She insisted that she would make it up to me if I only satisfied her every desire.

I was eating pussy and ass (a new request for her) constantly.

The fact that we could hear her mother furiously master bating every night also didn't help.

By Sunday I was going out of my mind. My girlfriend said she might have a solution. She siad that when she talked to her mother about me and her and sex...

"What?!?" I exclaimed.

"Don't worry. She seems to REALLY enjoy you lately." she soothingly said. "She said if... you know... you got too... excited... that I should just bind up your balls real tight. She said it would help calm you down."

As the tears flowed down my face, my girlfriend looked longingly at her handiwork as she lowered her pussy to my mouth.

After a while, I heard her moan "Mom was right" as my groans of pain sent an Earth shattering orgasm through her.

I was eating pussy and ass