She spent the whole day thinking about ballbusting

Hey your home; how was your day sweetie?

That's nice dear but I have spent the whole day thinking about ballbusting. I have been fantasizing about Kicking, stomping and grinding your balls, I can't get it out of my mind I just want to destroy your balls with my heels.

I remember what you said after last weeks full weight stomping session. I know you said that you want to hold off on the ballbusting for a while but I don't think it is fair for you to say that. You have no right telling me I can't torture your testicles I can do what I want to them. You will suffer as much as I want when I want. I will tell you when your testicles are damaged enough and you will cooperate with me.

Good now you accept that I think a rather severe punishment is in order. A very severe punishment with lots of pain and two very damaged swollen testicles. We'll start with some kicks I think at least 100 sounds fair and hard kicks too. Then knees plenty of hard crushing knees. I want to be real close to you so I can enjoy the pain you will be in.

After the warm up I am going to tie you down and secure you in the crush box. Once there you will beg me to crush your balls. You will plead with me for forgiveness and ask me to be as hard as I want. That's when the stomping begins. I'll mercilessly grind and stomp your already damaged testicles while you scream out in pain.

To finish it all off I'll place one testicle under the front of each of my shoes then I will slowly move my weight onto them. That's right my full body weight will be supported only by your two balls. While I am doing this to you I hope you will learn your lesson and never tell me I can't ballbust you again. I have a bar in the ceiling I can steady myself on so I can remain stood on your testicles until I think you have learned your lesson.

Now take off your clothes I can't wait to begin.

She will tell you when your testicles are damaged enough