She then starts wearing more revealing clothes and teasing yo

She was hired only a few months ago as the receptionist at your company, but that's all it took for you two to become good friends. But you wanted more than that. You had imagined fucking her for so long that your cock would just automatically get hard whenever you saw her. It was only a matter of time until she finally noticed and just laughed, saying "You can't think of me like thatl We're just friends!

But of course she then starts wearing more revealing clothes and teasing you, showing you some skin, whenever you're alone in the office.

One day, you were outside enjoying the weather on break when she came to join you.

"Hey!" And within seconds, you're pitching a tent.

"Oh come on! Seriously?" She laughs. "Okay, that's it, unzip your pants." You sit there, frozen at her words. "NOW!" She says. "Fine, I'll do it myself." She unzips your pants, reaches in and grabs your cock...

"Oh my god! It's so small! Ha-ha! Poor boy. Well at least this won't take long. You see? We could never have anything more. I only fuck big boy cocks. I can't even fit my whole hand around yours... Okay come on now. Finish up. Here, look at my tits, does that help? Do you wanna cum now?"

Within seconds you are blowing your load. "There we go. Good job." She says as she wipes the cum on your pants.

"Too bad for you that will never happen again."

She wipes the cum on your pants