She told you that ballbusting was going to be part of your relationship

You really need to remain still. I am getting sick of you flinching and trying to close your legs after a kick. You must try harder and remain still. I told you that ballbusting was going to be part of our relationship and that you would have to take it. So far I am not impressed we barely managed 40 kicks and you are struggling.

It is only a 70 kick punishment and I am doing it in bare feet. What if I was wearing heels? How would you handle that? I have warned you about this before and I told you I would punish you if it happened again. I have an idea you will find rather cruel.

What I am going to do is make you wrap my hair tie around your testicles. That's it wrap it round nice and tight. Now your testicles are very vulnerable.

What this means is when I kick you your balls won't be able to bounce around your sac. They remain in place and absorb the full force of each kick. This means they take way more damage and you feel so much more pain. As the force is absorbed by the testicles first they will bruise all the way to the core. Then they will bleed inside and this will make them swell up bigger than you have ever seen them. And you will feel all this yourself.

You look like you are going to cry but I haven't finished yet. I will also add another 10 kicks to your punishment so I can be sure you are bleeding inside both testicles. I am sorry to have to do all this to you but I did warn you and you need to learn. Now when I kick your testicles you will scream in pain but I think it is necessary.

It's a lot to take in so I will give you a moment to ready yourself. Then I will administer the kicks. Let me know when you would like me to start.

Now when she'll kick your testicles you will scream in pain