SHe totally lots count on how many kicks you have taken

O, babe your really struggling isn't you. It's been a hard session for you haven't it? It ok to admit it I know how hard I have been kicking your testicles and I have been trying to cause you as much damage as I can.

To be honest I have totally lots count on how many kicks you have taken, it must be at least 80 or maybe 100. I told you before we started that this was going to be a hard ballbust and to expect severe pain didn't I? Looking at you I have lived up to that.

It is easy to spot the damage on your balls they are red all over and bruised in places. No wonder you were screaming out towards the end each kick must have been hell for your. Your swollen testicles will hurt for days before the pain subsides. I am very pleased with the damage and you took it well.

I know you don't want to hear this but while I am pleased with the damage I would like more. I am sorry babe but I have not finished with your testicles yet. They will be taking even more kicks and hard ones too. I want to see real damage and destruction I am going to take your balls apart babe.

Plus think of the pain, just touching one of your balls will hurt so imagine what more kicks will feel like, you will scream each time my shoe strikes your poor little testicles but I will enjoy it.

Come on get on your feet we have much further to go.

Swollen testicles will hurt for days