She wanted to destroy one of your testicles for a while

O sweetie thank you so much

I have wanted to destroy one of your testicles for a while now and I am so glad you have agreed. It a hard conversation to have with a man but you have been really understanding. At first you were a bit apprehensive but it is great you have come round and agreed to it. Do you mind which testicle I take or can I choose?

Thanks very kind of you I think I'll take the left one. It's a bit bigger and will hopefully last longer under torture. I would like to make its destruction very painful as well. We can only do this once so I want to make it special. I would like to start with full force kicking while I wear some killer heels. Then when your balls a nice and swollen move on to the crush box.

I just love walking on your balls while you scream. I feel as powerful as I do it as well. I would like to stomp your balls until they are much damaged. Then hide your right testicles so only you're left one in on top of the board. I want to toy with it first. I'll press down on it slowly but then remove my foot just before the sides spilt. Then one time I'll press down until it ruptures under my foot. I really want to feel the moment it ruptures open and squish the life out of it. Then a few good stomps to be sure it totally ruined and that's it. I really hope you don't pass out so you can feel everything. It will be so much fun!

It's very kind of you to let me do this and it means a lot to me. When you have recovered from this we can discuss how I will destroy your other testicle.

I can't wait, would you like to do this tonight?

Full force balls kicking while she wearing high heels