She wants to be close to you and see your reaction as my her crashes into your testicles

I want you to take off your clothesall dressed up ready for our date. It is very nice of you to take me to such a classy restaurant. Before we go out I would like to do some thing to make this night special and as a way to thank you for being so nice to me.

I want you to take off your clothes and get one of my hair ties and tie it around your testicles nice and tight. Then I want you to stand here against the wall while I dismantle your balls with my knee. This way we can stare into each other eye as I hurt you.

I want to be close to you and see your reaction as my knee crashes into your testicles. I will start gentle and slowly strike you with more and more force. With them being tied together your testicles have no were to escape. They will absorb the full force of my knee and will be crushed against your body with each blow.

When the testicles are struck with a sudden hard blow like that it damages them inside as well as the surface. If I do this enough it will make them bleed inside. So because you have been a good boyfriend as a reward you can stand very close to me and we can enjoy this together.

Then when I have damaged you enough I'll finish getting dressed and we can go out to the restaurant. I think you should keep the hair tie around your balls as well. That way I can use my feet to grind them into your chair when we are at the table. Won't that be fun.

Come on baby get the tie around your balls we only have 30 minutes or so for me to make your testicles bleed. Good, you look good. Afresh set of balls just waiting for their punishment.

Come on over here and we can get started. Don't look so scared I know you want this.

Stand here while she dismantles your balls with her knee