She wants to damage your balls and for you to feel pain

Wait a sec! Did I say I was finished? No I did not anyway I sentenced you to 80 kicks in the balls and have only felt 70! So remove your hands from your balls. Why did you do that when you knew I had not finished?

Look I know your testicles are swollen and bruised. That is the point of what we are doing here I want to damage your balls and for you to feel pain. Look! The fact that you have done nothing to deserve this is irrelevant. I want too kick you in the balls so I will! And you will stand and take it.

As I am in a good mood I will allow you to choose how you are to be punished for your disobedience. What do you think?

Ok you think you deserve 50 extra kicks. Are your sure? That's a lot of extra pain plus it will leave your testicles very badly damaged. Ok 50 extra it is!

Now you need 60 extra kicks plus I am going to kick you a little harder now. If severe pain and trauma to your testicles is what it takes to make you behave then so be it.

Put your arms behind your back. Now spread your legs a bit wider. Good now lets continue.

She will leave your testicles very badly damaged