She wants to introduce you to being kicked in the testicles will full force

Hurry up take your clothes off sweetie I want to begin

Great, now we are both naked I want to introduce you to being kicked in the testicles will full force. I have kicked you before and I have sometimes kicked you quite hard but not quite with full force. When I kick you full force it simply seams I kick you as hard as I can. This way each kick inflicts as much damage and pain as possible.

For a woman kicking a man in the testicles with full force is fun. It means there is no holding back and we can really take our anger out on you. It means we don't need to worry about limits or causing to much pain so we can just enjoy ourselves.

For a man taking full force kicks willingly is a sign or respect and submission to the woman. If you are taking them as a punishment it shows you are sorry and want to pay the price for what you did. So it is beneficial for both of us. I really love kicking full force and I want you to embrace it as well.

Full force kicking also causes much more damage and pain per kick. As we have discussed some times a punishment needs to be very painful and the recovery time needs to be extended. So in that case your testicles need to be severely damaged and this type of kicking is the perfect way to do that. It really is the best way to cause swelling and bruising of the testicles. If you take enough kicks the testicles can bleed internally as well. Causing them internal bleeding is lots of fun for a woman plus some days you will deserve it.

So today as it if you're first time I think we'll start with 70 kicks. I'll administer them slowly so you can really feel each kick and its effect on you. I also want us to monitor how your testicles take damage. We can watch them swell up and see the bruises form on them as well. If you can take all 70 kick while standing I'll be very happy and you can eat me out afterwards.

Stand with you legs apart and get ready.

For woman kicking a man in the testicles fun