She wants to rupture your balls under her feet

Its ok babe you can take it I know you can. Just stay on your feet for me ok.

You have been doing really well sweetie those kicks have been hard and that was the 80th one. You're actually taking the kicks pretty well and your tolerance for pain has improved. Given how swollen and bruised your testicles are I am proud of how well you are taking the kicks. I even think they might be bleeding a little as well.

You have taken 80 so that means 20 more full force kicks before I get to crush them under my feet. I am not just going to stomp your balls or stand on them no, no, no. I am going to bounce on them then jump on them. Bounce, bounce bounce.

This floor is very hard and my feet don't have that much give in them so your balls will take all the force. I'll isolate them and jump on them one at a time. I am kicking you so you can feel pain but I will jump on your balls to destroy them. That's right I want to rupture them under my feet. I am going to take them from you one at a time then make you thank me for each rupture.

Then I'll sit on your face and play with the remains of your balls while you pleasure me. But before that you need 20 more kicks. Stand upright and nod when you are ready.

How swollen and bruised your testicles are