She was going to give that ball a few more good knees then focus on your other testicle

O baby no. No we can't stop you have to take another 35 knees to your balls first.

I won't stop the punishment just because you feel a stabbing pain inside one of your testicles sweetie that is not how this works. Besides I am smashing your testicles with my knee it is going to hurt you and that is kind of the point.

Which testicle is it that hurts? O it's that one you feel the stabbing pain in. I have been focusing on that one for a while. I have been trapping it between my knee and your body so it is crushed. I am doing this so the testicle is damaged deep down and that is what you are feeling.

That testicle probably has some internal bleeding. I was going to give that ball a few more good knees then focus on your other testicle. That way they are both this badly damaged. So there is nothing to worry about, that kind of pain is normal when a testicle has internal bleeding.

I am a little disappointed with you I must admit. I expect you to take whatever pain I want you to feel and not complain. Now I am going to have to punish you extra for this. What I will do is after the knees I will push 3 needles right though the middles of each of your testicles. Then I will leave you out here with your hands tied behind your back and force you to remain standing for 1 hour with the needles still inside your balls.

During this time I will get the maid to drip lemon juice onto your testicles and rub it in. This is enhancing the pain you feel hugely. Having her constantly rubbing your balls will hurt you so much, each time she hits a needle it will renew your pain. She will also be squeezing your testicles to add further cruelty. I will probably be able to hear your screams anywhere in the house. Plus the burning of the citric acid will be hell for you.

I am sorry babe but I must be hard on you. I can't let this go and you must pay the price.

Are you ready for me to continue kneeing you?

Smashing your testicles with her knee