She was in our bedroom with her lover as he took her

The door flew open, startling me! There, my wife stood, radiant! Beautiful! She stood on flawless legs, and her magnificent breasts heaved beneath her negligee that barely held her! A longing grew in my soul to be with her, but I knew it was not to be! She had convinced me to be her cuckold! And for the last four hours, she was in our bedroom with her lover as he took her; kissed her, mage love... had sex with her!

And she, no doubted, availed herself of his... rather well endowment! At least that what I heard through the vents, how big he was, how much better he was than me! To insure I wouldn't interfere, she tied me naked to a chair, gagged me, and then secured the chair to the floor so I couldn't escape! I had no choice but to listen as another man took my wife, and with me sitting only a thin wall away!

Her cries of bliss from her many orgasms brought tears to my eyes and kept my cock hard and leaking! And now, with her fabulous form filling the doorway, I had hoped my ordeal was at and end. She looked at me, smiled at the sight of my struggling cock, and closed the door!

I heard her proclaim that she hoped he was ready, because she wanted to get fucked again! She volunteered to suck his cock until he was hard! Then, I head nothing, except for a few slurps and his long, continuous moaning...

I had to listen as another man took my wife