She was planning on administering 70 kicks with these shoes

Hi are you the manager of the hotel? Great! Come In and close the door. I think its best we talk in here.

Remember when I first got here you said you would personally ensure my stay was a good one? Good you do remember, the thing is room service was late last night and this morning.

I am sure you will talk to your staff about this but I hate people being late. I think it is something that requires punishment and since you assured me personally I am holding you responsible.

I have been thinking about how to punish you for this and I think I have found the perfect way. I would like you to let me kick you in the testicles. I would like you to stand there and let me kick you again and again. This will be very painful for you but I think it is fair.

I was planning on administering 70 kicks with these shoes. I think that is a fair number don't you?

Ok it's agreed then. Take off your clothes and get ready. One more thing before we start. Can I get your phone number so I can call you with any other complaints? Then we can settle them in the same way.

Great thanks for that. I am here for a few weeks so I am sure I will need to administer additional punishment.

I am sure you're as keen to proceed as I am so would you like to count or shall I?

Great, ready?

She would like you to let her kick you in the testicles