She was really hoping you would be able to remain standing and take all the kicks in your balls

O, babe you were doing so well. I was really hoping you would be able to remain standing and take all the kicks. You were only sentenced to feel 80 kicks to the testicles. Plus most of them were not full force I was trying to make you feel pain but not damage your testicles to much. I was trying to me nice so you could have sex with me later.

You know you took 78 kicks and only feel after you felt the 79th. You were so close babe. It is such a shame because you promised me you would not fall down before I had finished kicking you again didn't you? You did and that means I have to punish you for lying to me.

I think you deserve 60 full force kicks for breaking a promise to me plus I owe you a kick. Then you get an additional 10 kicks for falling down during a punishment, so that is 71 additional kicks. It might seam a little harsh but you did break a promise and only 60 kicks for that is very lenient really I could easily double it and it would be fair. Don't you agree?

It's good to see you accept my decision. I can see your testicles are quite swollen already so they are going to be in a real bad state when I have finished. Especially because these kicks will be full force and I plan to maximize the damage you take. Think if only you had taken that final kick you could be having sex now.

Come on get up show me you are sorry and are willing to be punished. On second thoughts you don't seam to be that sorry or willing to be punished. So I think I will double the punishment for breaking your promise so that is 131 kicks. Now we both know that will cause you permeant damage and maybe a rupture. So maybe when one of your testicles splits open you will appreciate a lenient punishment when I give you one. As an act of mercy you can just lye on your back and I will carry out the whole sentence with you on the ground.


Your testicles are quite swollen already