She was thinking of giving you 25 knees to soften up your testicles then 100 full force kicks

Hey sweetie I just want to talk to you about something. Earlier when you were talking with that girl in the shop you seamed a little flirty. It is only a small thing but the book I have been reading on male discipline recommends cruel punishments to the testicles for even small things. Now I have always been fair with you and only punished you when you deserve it. I like how we can both agree on when you deserve ballbusting and select a fair punishment together.

Now you were probably just being friendly but to be safe it is probably best your testicles are punished in some way. What do you think about that? We are far away from the main beach and there is no one around here so this would be a good place for me to punish you. Have a think do you agree punishment is needed?

It was hard for you to admit that but it is only right you are punished. I believe you when you say you were just being friendly but I don't want to take that into account when selecting a punishment. That way your testicles will be subjected to a far more brutal sentence. What are your thoughts no damage? I think your testicles should be very swollen and bruised. Not only that I would like internal bleeding as well. I think you should feel the pain of deep testicle damage and suffer the days of stabbing pain in your balls.

I know you did not flirt with her but I want to punish you as if you did so this level of damage is fair. I see you are a bit worried but if you had flirted then this is what you deserve. Shall we talk about the number of kicks?

Good sweetie. I was thinking of giving you 25 knees to soften up your testicles then 100 full force kicks. When I do this to you it will be incredibly painful and will make your testicles bleed. Then we can go back to the car and I'll drive us home. I have made my decision so remove you shorts and prepare to suffer your fate.

While I am demolishing your testicles I hope you don't resent me for this. I will not feel bad about brutally punishing your balls because it is the right thing to do. So before we start I want you to tell me how you deserve this and are grateful I am punishing you for a crime you did not commit.

Ballbusting is incredibly painful and will make your testicles bleed