She will increase the weight on your testicles until they are supporting her whole body

Just look at you. All tied up and unable to move. Your arms are behind your back and your legs are nice and wide. Sitting like that can't be comfortable.

I have placed a large hardback book under your testicles so I have a good surface to work off. You see the next few hours are going to be very unpleasant for you. I am sure you have guessed I plan you to trample and stomp your balls. I will smash them with the heel of my foot crushing them against the hard book.

Then I can place one testicle under each heel and slowly lean back. I will gradually increase the weight on your testicles until they are supporting my whole body. I have very good balance so you will be delighted to know I can keep your balls like this for several minutes at a time.

Once they are big and swollen then we'll start with the needles. Slowly pushing them though your testicles one after another. Imagine the pain you will feel. I love pushing needles into balls. I will look you in the eyes as I slowly push the sharp point deeper and deeper. That way I can see your suffering and desperation. One thing I like to do is once the needle has entered the testicle is to flick the top of it. It is a cruel way to slowly force the needle through your most sensitive flesh.

Now you know your fate you look very scared. But there is nothing you can do about it, nothing at all. Shall we begin?

She placed one testicle under each heel