She will just punch you in the balls until you comply

Good morning. Welcome to BlueBall Air. Today's non-stop flight will last just under eight hours. All of our passengers today have been locked in chastity for at least six months, so give you a round of applause.

Please let your stewardess strap you into your seat. Do not struggle; she will just punch you in the balls until you comply.

Our in-flight movie today will be "The Cocktease Photographers". Once we get up to altitude, a stewardess will remove your pants and severely ridicule your tiny, locked up cock and swollen balls.

The staff will also be coming through the cabin with a bowl of ice for your testicles... just our way of saying. "We hope your cock weeps pre-cum and your balls ache and throb."

For an additional fee. Your stewardess will give your cock cage a hot. Wet blowjob during which there will be absolutely no chance you will cum. If you require assistance at any time during the flight, simply mumble through your cock gag and a stewardess will be right over to help you. Probably by shoving a giant dildo up your ass.

On behalf of all of the shameless cockteasing bitches here at BlueBall Air. Enjoy the flight and the unending frustration!

Locked in chastity for at least six months