She will kick you in the balls as hard as she can over and over again

What do you mean you want to go home! I don't care if you have to work tonight. I asked you to drive me to the beach and we will go when I say. I can't believe you don't understand that yet. We have been good friends for years but this has to change.

I have been to easy on you in the past but this ends now. Take off your swim shorts, DO IT NOW!

Good next time I tell you to do some thing you do it without question or you will be sorry. Now stand with your legs apart and put your hands behind you back. Good now keep strait and look at me. Now I'll tell you what is going to happen. I am going to punish you for trying to tell me what to do.

As punishment I will kick you in the balls as hard as I can over and over again. You will stay still while I do this or I will extend the punishment, understand?

Good now I will kick you 80 times in the testicles. This will be very painful for you and I will kick you very hard. You will stand there while I bruise and damage your testicles. On a good kick I will trap a ball between your body and my foot. Then it will be compressed and pain will shoot out through out your body. I will not hold back and will try and damage you as much as possible.

Now you will stand there until I am finished kicking you and you will learn from this. Now stay still and look me in the eyes. And if you ever try and tell me what to do again I'll stand on your testicles with my full body weight and crush them until they bleed internally.

I hope this hurts.

She'll stand on your testicles with her full body weight