She will twist balls to hurt you as much as she can

Do you have your ex girlfriends money. Today you are required to pay the balance In full and I have been hired to collect It. Do you have the money?

You have most of It? I'll take It but you are required to pay It all or I am afraid to say your ex has requested you be punished. Since you don't have all the money I'll read out the punishment.

"If my ex partner does not have all the funds on the required day I am instructing him to receive the following as punishment. A woman skilled in the art of testicular damage it to kick him wearing platform heels until both testicles is swollen and sore. Then 3 of the provided needles that are covered in barbs all down their sides are to me inserted into each testicle.

They are to be inserted down the length of the testicle and are the right size so they can be pushed completely into the testicle so they can be removed. After this the testicle kicking is to resume. The shoes will damage the outside and the needles barbs will cut up the inside of the testicles. This will continue until both testicles rupture and are fully destroyed."

There you have it. I think is a bit harsh and there was no way you could get the money in time but this has to happen. I am told I have to make it slow and as painful as possible for you. You should take off your clothes and we will begin the kicking stage. I am sure you did something to deserve such a cruel punishment.

Now stand with your legs apart. Good, now those are a nice pair of testicles they will easily swallow these needles. It is a shame to have to destroy them but we must. I am sure part of you wants to honor her decision and take this punishment. The true test of this will come when I am slowly pushing the needles into your testicles. I will twist them as I push them in to hurt you as much as I can.

Are you ready?

Slowly pushing the needles into your testicles and penis