She will use the hard floor to grind, stomp and crush your testicles

What do you think you are doing in here! These are the women's showers and you should not be here.

I can see you are the cleaner but I am using the showers at the moment. I did not hear you shouting in to make sure there was no one here. This is unacceptable and I am going to punish you for it.

Take off all your clothes and stand before me.

Right then this is a severe crime and the punishment should reflect that. I think you deserve to have both testicles ruptured and destroyed. Coming in here unannounced was wrong and you need to accept that. You need to accept that and face the punishment for your crime. Castration is not easy for a man I will spend hours slowly torturing your testicles before I pop them. After that you have the lost that affects the rest of your life.

I am only a slender woman and I am here all alone so I would appreciate it if you would cooperate. I see you have plenty of rope? What I would like to do is tie you face gown on the floor. I will use the pillars in the room to tie your hand up over your head and your legs wide apart. I can then pull the ropes tight so you can't escape or even move. Then I will use the hard floor to grind, stomp and crush your testicles.

Keeping you tied down and unable to move will make me feel safer as well. If I don't have to worry about you resisting then I can take my time and enjoy your castration. You see I have castrated men like this before and it usually takes between two and three hours depending on how strong the victim's testicles are.

Once I have finished and you are no longer a man I will leave you tied up and inform reception on my way out. They can then call you an ambulance but I assure you there will be nothing left of your testicles. I am pleased you are so cooperative; I think we both know complete testicle destruction is fair.

Would you mind lying face down on the floor and I will tie you in place? Then I will begin your punishment.

She will assure there is nothing left of your testicles