She'll give you a ballbusting and you have to cooperate

Hey there you are did you think I would not find you here?

You know this time every week I get to give you a ballbusting and you have to cooperate. Just because we broke up does not mean that these sessions no longer happen. The agreement was that I get to give you a ballbusting once a week and I get to choose the severity of that session. So I have come round to your house and instead of finding you prepared and willing to take the pain I see you leaving!

It does not matter if your testicles are still hurting from last week. I get to be as harsh as I please with you and you have to take it. Well it's a good thing I arrived when I did because now I am going to punish you fro trying to escape.

I'll start as we always do with kicks, hard kicks. I was thinking 150 or them then 100 knees. That should get them nice and swollen. Next I think some stomping would be fun. I have a crush box in the car that we can use it also has two vertical beams of wood that I can use to balance with.

This will mean I can balance myself on your testicles so they feel my full weight. I have always liked the idea of your testicles supporting my entire body. I love looking down at you and seeing how much pain you are in. Plus knowing your testicles are so damaged you'll be in pain for days is comforting.

I have often wondered how long the testicles can support my full weight before they fail. So as punishment you will answer that question for me. I hope they hold out for ages so I can enjoy watching you suffer. But then again a ruptured testicle always brings a smile to my face.

We should go inside and close the curtains. Then we can start your punishment.

Girl will balance herself on your testicles