She'll go home with him and let him make love to her

Do you like my dress? Good. I'm sure that he will appriciate it tonight, as I go out on a date with him. While you're at home doing the housework, I'll be dating another man, going out to a fancy party, and posing as his wife. I'll hold his hand, dance with him, and let him hold me in his arms. He'll tell everybody that I'm married to him, and I'll pretend that its true.

After the party, I'll go home with him and let him make love to me all night long. Don't bother waiting up for me. I won't be coming home at all tonight. I'll be with him, in his bed, sleeping in his arms after we pass out from all the dancing, drinking and love making.

Remember dear, you're a cuckold now. Why don't you go put on the maid's uniform I bought you, so you won't be confused and think of yourself as a man anymore. As far as I'm concerned, you're no longer a man at all. You should start dressing up as a woman to show me that you understand your new place in my life.

She'll be dating another man