She'll only see him to make love

Aw baby, I love you so much! You've been so patient, waiting for me to get my divorce. I love you, I love living with you, and I love spending every moment with you. And I really love it that you're willing to wait until my divorce is final, before you make love to me for the first time, so it will be very special. I love you for all of that!

I went to see my husband today, to try and get him to sign the papers. He looked so hot, and before I knew it, I found myself making love to him. He's my husband, so its kind of my duty as his wife to let him make love to me. The only thing he was every good at was sex! It got me to thinking: can we keep things the way they are right now? I'll be your girlfriend, live with you, and spend every moment with you.

I'll stay married to him, and only see him a couple of times a week, just so that we can make love. Don't worry. I don't love him anymore, and I would never want to leave you. But he does something to me, and drives me wild in bed! If I could keep him as my husband and my sex partner, and keep you as my very best friend in the world, that would be the ideal life for me! You wouldn't have to deal with the pressure of trying to be as good of a lover as my husband is.

We're so happy now, and this can let us stay that way forever. What do you say honey? Can I stay marred to him, just for sex? Please? If you love me, you'll say yes.

She'll keep him as her sex partner