She'll slowly destroy your balls with these shoes while you feel everything

What do you think about here? It is pretty far away from the main path and I doubt anyone comes here much. Plus this wood is a good place for me to stand with these heels. I just want to make sure we are not disturbed and we are far away from other people. You see I want to make today's punishment very destructive and painful.

I really want to focus on permanent testicle damage and I want you to suffer as much as possible. I don't just want bruises and red marks. I want serious swelling and internal bleeding. I want to kick you full force and with no limits in the testicles over and over again. I will slowly destroy your balls with these shoes while you feel everything. This will be so painful each kick will make you scream in agony which is why we are out here. Its ok I know you will need to scream, I don't mind and no one will hear us out here.

You are a great friend letting me do this to you. You always let me ballbust you which is great. I don't want to risk damaging my boy friend too much so I save all the hardest stuff for you. I have learned a great deal busting you and really like our time together. I am glad you understand the importance of hard ballbusting and let me practice on you.

Now take off all your clothes and stand ready to receive pain. Now I want to discuss the permeant damage with you. If it's ok I would really like to rupture both of your testicles. As they swell up and take damage eventually the sides will split and the testicle ruptures inside your sac. I then want to keep kicking and force all the insides of your testicle out. Then to end it I will crush each one under my shoes completely ruining each testicle. Once the first one dies I will then take your last one from you as well. I want to make sure that they can't be used again so I will have to be very destructive.

When there are ready to pop I will order you to lie on the floor face down and choose which one goes first. Then I will place it under my heel and administer the final crush. As I slowly apply the force with my shoe I want you to look me in the eye and thank me. After you have thanked me I will apply the rest of the force and finish the job.

I don't know why I am even asking if this is ok. We both know that you can't say no to me can you? Look you are stood perfectly still ready for me to begin.

Don't worry we have all day. I'm going to take this real slow and enjoy it.

Would you like to start?

She really want to focus on permanent testicle damage