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Wake up honey! Time to get up! Don't bother trying to get out of bed though. You'll find that you're all tied up and unable to move. If you struggle, you'll just dig the cuffs into your wrists and ankles, and you'll hurt yourself. And don't try to talk either. That gag in your mouth will keep you quiet.

But I've kept your eyes uncovered for now. As you lay there, helpless and unable to move, I'm going to strip down and get you all turned on. But instead of making love to you, I'm going to make you watch as another man climbs into our bed and fucks me, right on top of you. I'll keep jerking you off to keep you nice and aroused as you watch him take me. And then I'm going to do something special for you.

I'm going to suck your nipples and touch you in special places to get you more turned on than you'll be able to believe. As I do that, my new lover will make you cum. You won't like being inside a man, but I'll make sure you're so stimulated that you won't be able to but to help cumming! That's right dear. I'm going to start turning you gay, while I start banging other men.

This time you're restrained and you won't have any choice. But in the near future, this is what you are going to want to do. It will be your special fetish, banging the man who just banged me. I know you're going to enjoy this! I can't wait to see you as you cum inside my lover. This is going to be so much fun..

Her new lover will make you cum