She's pregnant and we have no idea if I'm the father

7 months ago, my wife, Mindy, went out on a date with her boyfriend. When she returned several hours later, she pulled from her purse a used condom, tied at the end and full of her boyfriend's semen.

She had been telling me about the way he would always fill one of those things to the brim with his jizz and I didn't believe her. So, she brought back the proof. I was impressed, but I had no idea what we were supposed to do with a filled up condom. She then surprised me by telling me "Put it on! It's still good. It's not broken or anything!"

I was already turned on by the whole scene and so I did as she told me. The condom coated my dick with Victor's semen. It felt pretty good. I was hard as a rock and immediately mounted my wife. After pounding her for several minutes, the condom broke, injecting all of Victor's semen into my wife's very fertile vagina.

I only realized it after the condom was almost split in two. I pulled out and looked helplessly at my wife's pussy. She just said, "It's too late to fix things, just finish fucking me!" So, I did.

Now, she's pregnant and we have no idea if I'm the father, or if Vic is the father. Probably Vic, because his cum got in there first. Oh, well, I always wanted to be a cuck. It just came (no pun intended) sooner that I thought it would!

His cum got in her first