She's sharing her body with another man

As I watch him penetrate my wife's pussy, I feel a stab through my heart. She's sharing her body with another man! And she's enjoying it, far more than she does when she has sex with me. In my bed, she acts like sex is a chore, a duty.

With him, she's experiencing pleasure in a way I've never been able to give her. It makes me feel even less of a man to see how he's taking control of my wife's body, making her moan, and bringing her to levels of orgasm beyond anything I could ever achieve. I don't feel like much of a man at all now. No wonder she said I'll never have sex with her again, no matter what I do.

No wonder she says I might just as well start wearing panties, because she doesn't think of me as a man anymore. I feel the tears roll down my cheek. I guess she's right. I'm not really a man. Maybe I should go put on her panties. She'd like that. I want her to at least stay with me, even if I'm never going to be allowed to touch her, ever again...

I watch him penetrate my wife's pussy