She've been dating man from a biker gang

Hubby, there is something important I need to tell you. I've been dating another man. He belongs to a biker gang. Now that he's had sex with me, he says that I belong to him, and that if you even lay a hand on me, he's going to beat you to a plup. You're not allowed to touch his property. And I am his property now. At first, I just rode around with him because the vibrations from his bike made me get all wet. With my legs wrapped around him, holding on to him during the turns, it wasn't long before all of that sexual arousal led to me in bed with him. Now he is my man, and I am only allowed to have sex with him. Of course, sometimes bikers share their women with other members of their gang. If he tells me to have sex with someone else from the gang, I have to do it. I belong to him, and I must obey. He says he will make me become completely obedient to him. It feels so good to belong to a real man! Now you had better run along. He will be here soon, and he wants to fuck me in my own bed. If you're still here, I can't imagine how bad he is going to beat you up! Oh, and leave him some money for taking care of me. Thank you dear! I love you very much, but from now on, I am his.

I love you very much, but from now on, I belon go him