Should we unlock and tease you?

Your wife has asked her fiends over. While she was getting drinks, they propositioned you. If you put on these cuffs, you can watch while we seduce your wife.

Having had a few drinks, you jokingly agree. After the cuffs are on, they bring out the cock cage and say they wouldn't want him to get free. Giving the key to my wife, they all start to laugh and your wife says, go ahead and take the key with you, I like his tongue and fingers more than anything else.

As the three girls start fingering, and licking each other, there is nothing you can do but wish the cage would break. After hours of watching them bring each other to orgasm in so many ways, they turn to you.

So, would you rather we took the key back to Columbia with us, or should we unlock you and tease you until our flight? You are willing to do anything for release and they know it.

So, hands cuffed behind you, all three beautiful naked women start playing with you. Hours go by slowly as they keep you on the edge for what feels like forever, hey build towards one final orgasm as you lick one to orgasm and suddenly, they say, oops gonna be late, see you in a couple of months and leave with the key!

Three beautiful naked women start playing with you